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What is cellulite and how do you get rid of it?


Cellulite is the name given to unsightly dimpled skin that commonly occurs at the top of our thighs. The appearance of affected skin is very often compared to orange peel. It can be the result of poor diet and not enough exercise, but it can also be due to hereditary factors.

There are ways to smooth this bumpy condition and luckily our team here at the Tempo Medical centre are experts. We have many customers, whose lives we’ve managed to transform, by smoothing their thighs and our approach is so successful that not only can we stimulate smoother skin, but we can also help you lose inches around. So, how do we do it?


A healthy, nutritious diet is key to improving your skin and helping you lose weight. Our medically supervised team use the Alevere diet method to help customers lose up to a stone in a month. It’s an effective fast weight loss method that will cleanse you inside and out. Please be aware that although some of our customers have lost a stone a month or more on this diet, we don’t guarantee weight loss. The hard work is ultimately up to you.


Exercise stimulates the metabolism and improves your circulation, not to mention your fitness levels. The more exercise you do, the easier you should find it to lose weight.


Without doubt, our best weapon again cellulite is a hand held lipomassage device by Endermologie. This LPG machine provides best-selling treatments in the USA.

Your skin will be manipulated, folded and sucked as part of a mechanical massage that is designed to melt your fat cells and give you a more flattering figure. It’s not painful and shortly afterwards you should find your skin is more toned. Where once your skin contained cellulite, was wobbly and dimpled, it should be firmer and smoother to touch. After several sessions you should have the sort of skin on your thighs that will give you confidence on the beach or at the pool.

To find out more about lipomassage treatment, how long it takes and whether or not you’re a good candidate, please get in touch with our Brighton team. We’ll look forward to supporting you and helping you achieve more slender, smoother thighs.

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