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Treat your excess weight with medical guidance at our GP clinic

Alevere Therapy | Weight Loss | Tempo Medical

Weight loss is big business and it seems every health and beauty expert in the UK has a solution to offer for the right price. However, if their methods were effective, why is Britain still in the grip of an obesity epidemic? Here at the Tempo Medical GP clinic in Sussex, in Hove, we believe in offering a professional, medically-led approach to losing weight.

We offer a fast, direct solution that won’t leave you feeling hungry or malnourished. The GP in charge of the team treating you will ensure that you’re healthy throughout the process. You’ll be kept fully informed of every step of the treatment, for instance, how the food you’re eating is affecting your body and you’ll also receive regular weighings to check on your progress.

Using our unique and efficient methods, many customers have reported losing over a stone in just a month. Obviously, as is the case with any fast weight loss, there is the chance of developing loose skin as a result. As we are fully aware of this side-effect, we include effective body firming techniques in your treatment package; treatments that require no physical exertion on your part.

This means that not only should you be slimmer with fewer inches around by the end of your treatment, but you’ll also appear more toned, giving you an altogether more flattering silhouette. Having a doctor in charge of your weight loss treatment reduces the chances of your health being at risk and increases the chances of you achieving a fast, effective and healthy loss of pounds.

Alevere therapy for weight loss in Sussex

During the treatment period, the food you eat will be controlled by a practitioner. Alevere food packages have been developed to provide a balanced nutrition and keep you full until your next meal. Neither should you experience any food cravings. Once you have lost the initial weight (and 90% of our customers do experience significant weight loss) our team will help prevent future weight gain.

Toning your body in Hove

After losing weight, the team assigned to your body improvements will provide body skin tightening lipomassage treatments. This is essentially a mechanical massage administered by an Endermologie LPC machine. It doesn’t hurt and you won’t be required to move. The treatment will take place in our modern, comfortable treatment rooms. Following treatment your skin will be firmer, with less sagging and any cellulite you had will also be reduced.

Weight loss for overweight people offers a number of health benefits and can help prevent you from being at risk of a number of health conditions. If you want to lose weight to reduce the symptoms of existing health conditions, such as high blood pressure and diabetes, using a weight loss service under the guidance of a GP clinic is a good idea.

To find out more about our programmes as well as how much weight you could potentially lose in the next few weeks, please get in touch with our practice in Sussex, Hove to book a consultation. A consultation will give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the treatment, as well as find out more about costs and the steps taken to achieve your target weight.

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