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Tempo Medical – Who benefits from facial skin tightening in Sussex?

Skin Tightening Sussex | Tempo Medical

As we age, our facial contours become less defined due to a loss of elasticity in the skin and the effects of gravity. Lipomassage can provide similar effects to a surgical facelift, only in a non-invasive way. This means that there will be no recovery time and no scarring. The skin can be tightened on the face to achieve a firmer jawline, clearer contours and a reduction in lines and wrinkles. Make your double chin a thing of the past!

 Why you may need skin tightening treatment

Our collagen production is reduced in our late 20s. This means that the skin is less able to snap back into position after having made an expression due to a loss of elasticity. The result of repeated expressions over the years, combined with a decreased elasticity of the facial skin is lines is wrinkles, as well as sagging in the lower face. The way to counteract these signs of ageing is by increasing collagen production. Lipomassage does this via a form of mechanical skin manipulation.

What is lipomassage?

Lipomassage involves a rolling of the skin tissues via our handheld Endermologie LPG device. It isn’t painful, but does help with skin tightening. You don’t have to book any time off work in order to recover from the procedure. When you come and visit us for your initial consultation here in Sussex and discuss with our practitioners exactly which problem areas you’d like to resolve, we’ll be able to give you an idea of how many sessions you’ll need, as well as how quickly you can expect to see results.

There are many anti ageing treatments on the market, but lipomassage is one of the most effective when it comes to tightening your skin. Please get in touch with our Sussex based team to book your initial appointment.

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