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Treatments for acne scar removal


If you have acne scars, you’ll no doubt feel self-conscious about them. It was bad enough having acne, but unless you were unlucky enough to have persistent acne throughout adulthood, you knew you would probably get rid of it once the hormones of puberty calmed down. What a shock then to many of us, who suffered with acne, that we must continue to suffer with the results of it after the event; acne scarring.

Even if you were very careful not touch the pimples and aggravate them, acne scars can occur simply from the healing process of acne. Collagen often finds it hard to get into the exact spot where your acne was, due to the shape of the skin here, leaving you with a noticeable dip in your face and an uneven skin contour. What can be done? Luckily, if you live near Brighton, where the Tempo Medical clinic is based, quite a lot!

About Dermalux treatment for acne scarring in Brighton

Phototherapy is a treatment that employs visible light of a particular wavelength which will provide restorative benefits to your skin. Your skin has the ability to absorb the light provided by our Dermalux LED device and in doing so your ability to repair damaged cells will be improved. Following treatment your skin should be rejuvenated, revitalised and more radiant. It’s a very safe, effective and fast way to improve the appearance of acne scars, as well as potentially give yourself a youthful glow.

The treatment is not painful. In fact, it is quite relaxing. You will be equipped to wear safety goggles as the lights used are very bright. When you take the goggles off, you should find that your skin is hydrated, plump and well-looking with reduced scarring. To find out if you’re a suitable candidate for Tempo Medical’s acne scar removal treatment in Brighton, please give us a ring to book an initial consultation with us.

Our experienced practitioners will need to examine your skin in order to confirm that we can perform Dermalux treatment on you. But, should we believe that another course of treatment may suit you better, our dedicated staff will make further suggestions. Want to discover what life could be like with smooth skin and no hang-ups about people looking at your scars? There’s a good chance we can make that a reality. Please get in touch with our Brighton practice today.

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