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Tempo Medical – The advantages of losing weight


There are many people in Brighton who’d love to lose a pound of two, perhaps even drop a dress size or two, but their lack of will power to stick to a healthier diet and exercise regime prevents them from doing so. If those same people knew just how significantly losing weight could benefit their lives, they might find they have a stronger resolve.

We’re going to look at how weight loss can subtly and dramatically change your life, before we give you an insight into an easy way to achieve a slimmer, fitter, healthier version of yourself.

The many benefits of weight loss.

  • Health benefits: Being overweight makes you vulnerable to a number of serious health conditions that you might not even associate with excess fat. High blood pressure, the increased possibility of having a heart attack and diabetes are all well known health complaints of many obese people, but did you know that some cancers and osteoarthritis have also been connected to weight issues. This has all been documented on the NHS website.
  • Better quality of sleep: Fed up of feeling tired when you get up in the morning? Studies have shown that losing a tiny amount of weight can make a difference to how well you sleep at night. Weight loss is also known to reduce the symptoms of sleep apnoea.
  • Weight loss can improve your sex drive! Studies have shown that losing as little as 10lb is enough to boost your libido.
  • Clearer skin: If you’re not eating the fatty, sugary foods that so many people crave, this will be reflected in your skin. Your complexion will be less dull, with fewer spots.
  • Feel more relaxed: Worrying about how you look is stressful. If you were to keep a diary about how many times during the day you had a crisis of confidence due to your weight, or your weight prevented you from doing exactly what you’d like to do, how long would it take you to fill it? Losing weight and feeling happier about how you look is naturally a huge boost to your confidence and one more thing you can tick off your to-do list.
  • You’ll look great: When you’ve lost a bit of weight, there’s nothing better than treating yourself to new clothes; clothes which are more flattering and will ultimately make you more attractive.

The easy way to lose weight.

Most dieters lose their focus, because they’re not entirely sure what they should and shouldn’t be eating, or they feel hungry. Here at the Tempo Medical clinic in Brighton, we offer medically-supervised Alevere therapy, which is essentially a weight loss programme that won’t make you hungry, but could help you lose a stone in a month! Additionally, because we expect you to lose weight so fast, you’ll have excess skin. We counteract this by providing non-invasive body sculpting treatments to effectively firm and tighten the sagging skin.

When you finish our programme, during which we’ll guide you through each day and provide you with the food you need, you’ll be the perfect version of yourself. Your new slim figure will not be harbouring any unsightly bulges and you’ll have a new-found confidence in your appearance. Don’t take our word for it though. Why not have a look at what our customers have said about Alevere therapy. Give us a call today to book your free consultation with us.

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