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Improve your health and appearance with Alevere therapy

Improve your health and appearance with Alevere therapy

According to the British Heart Foundation, today alone 530 people will go to hospital with heart disease and 435 will lose their lives. An increasing number of reports are being published which link being overweight with an increased risk of developing irregular heart rhythms. This is because your heart has to work harder to pump blood around a body, which is too large for its intended frame.

Whatever your size, you need your heart to pump blood efficiently, delivering oxygen to all parts of your body in order to remain healthy. If your heart begins to struggle under the strain, you’ll not only be at an increased risk of heart attack and suffering from other symptoms of heart disease, but you’ll notice this having a detrimental effect on your day to day life.

The simplest way to avoid this potentially catastrophic state of affairs if you’re overweight is to lose weight. You know that, don’t you? It’s a fact that’s easy to write down or read, but when it comes to the practicalities of physically losing lbs in the quantity required to be healthier, it’s a lot harder. Wouldn’t it be nice to simply hand the responsibility of your weight loss over to a professional and let them deal with it? In a way, that’s what happens with the Alevere therapy we provide from our Sussex practice and we get dramatic results fast!

What does Alevere therapy involve?

The Alevere therapy we provide in Sussex is a GP led weight loss programme that can see you losing approximately a stone within your first month of dieting. Your diet will be controlled by Alevere products so you won’t need to worry about what your next meal will be and you’ll be given a choice of menus too! The food is designed to keep you full between meals and prevent hunger cravings. At the same time, it should induce significant weight loss.

The practitioner assigned to your care will keep a careful eye on your progress and a GP will be in attendance should any health concerns occur. You’ll be receiving the best possible support from our team who have produced a large number of weightloss success stories. Within just 2-3 months you could be down to your target weight, looking incredible and feeling much healthier.

The side effects of fast weight loss

Unfortunately there is potential side effect to losing weight fast and that is developing loose skin. We are aware of this side effect and have technology in place to deal with it effectively as it occurs, to ensure you gain the most flattering figure from your treatment.

Our Endermologie LPG machine will give you lipomassage treatment that will firm and tone your skin, melting any remaining fat cells lurking in stubborn bulges and tightening loose skin. Following combined Alevere therapy and lipomassage treatment, you shouldn’t simply lose some weight, you should be looking fantastic!

To get an idea of how much you could lose and how fast, please give our Sussex team a call to book your consultation. During this appointment you’ll meet our practitioners and get an insight into the whole Alevere therapy process; how it works and why you could benefit. Please get in touch.

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