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Tempo Medical – Could you benefit from a highly effective weight loss programme?

Looking to lose a few lbs ahead of the festive party season? With a week to go, you might be wondering how much you can realistically lose. Our Sussex-based weight loss programme can help you lose a stone in just a month. Not only can we help you look slimmer and achieve a more flattering, toned figure, but in a short length of time, we can also help you gain huge health benefits if you’re currently overweight.

Being overweight can lead to all sorts of health complications such as heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure, but by reducing your mass, you can also reduce the health risk to which you’re currently exposing yourself.

You may be feeling wary of our claims, not because you doubt our programme works; you only need to look at our reviews to see that our weight loss programme works, but because you’ve been told fast weight loss can be a health risk in itself, or that the weight won’t stay off if you lose it quickly.

Recent studies point to the contrary. No matter how you lose the weight to achieve a healthier BMI; fast or slow, you’ll making health gains. The only real negative side effect of fast weight loss is the potential of having loose skin, but this is something we can sort out with the skin tightening treatment we include as part of our weight loss programme, ensuring not only that you lose inches around, but also that your body looks toned at the same time.

About our Sussex weight loss programme and skin tightening

The weight loss programme we offer here at our clinic in Sussex is the highly successful Alevere therapy. It is led by a GP, to ensure that you’re in safe hands throughout the weight loss period and don’t suffer from any ill effects.

Your food will be supplied from the Alevere range. It is designed to provide you with nutritious sustenance that won’t leave you feeling hungry or give you food cravings. Many of our clients lose a stone or more within the first month of the programme. Your practitioners will be supporting you in this venture throughout your treatment, until you reach your target weight and then, once you have achieved a more flattering figure via our combined weight loss programme and skin tightening treatment, they’ll give you advice on how to realistically maintain your new healthier weight.

If you’re currently overweight and finding it difficult to lose inches and have confidence in your body, or you are suffering from a health condition that is related to your obesity, we can help. We can give you a set of tools that should positively transform your figure and your lifestyle. Please get in touch to find out how much weight you could lose in the next 4 weeks!

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