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Tempo Medical – 7 diet tips to reduce cholesterol


Reduce cholesterol cells found in your body. If you have too much of it, you have a greater chance of being affected by heart disease. In fact, the higher the cholesterol levels in your bloodstream, the higher your chances of suffering from serious heart problems.

Here at the Tempo Medical clinic in Brighton, we champion healthy eating and weight loss as a means to living a fitter, more active life to help reduce cholesterol. Our experienced therapists have helped many of our customers get down to their target weight using the medically supervised Alevere method. We can help you reduce your weight,  feel healthier and enjoy life to the full.

To support you reduce cholesterol levels in your body, we’ve put together a list of helpful tips. If you’d like us to explain how you can use this advice in a practical way, we’d be happy to help. Please get in touch.

Lowering your cholesterol in Brighton

  1. Cut down on foods which will increase your cholesterol levels. These include butter, margarine, fatty meats and full fat dairy products.
  2. Eat more foods which will naturally lower your cholesterol levels. These include oats, barley, nuts, fruits and vegetables, as well as soya and pulses.
  3. If you struggle to discipline yourself when it comes to your eating habits, you might want to consider a controlled diet, such as the Alevere system. This will naturally lower your intake and ensure you’re eating healthily, without feeling miserable, because you’re hungry.
  4. Losing weight will lower your cholesterol levels. By ensuring you burn more calories than you eat in a day, you will lose weight. Again, if you’re having trouble disciplining yourself, we can help. We combine a strict, controlled diet, which won’t leave you feeling hungry, with body sculpting treatment. As you’ll lose weight very fast on our programme, body sculpting is required to get rid of the excess skin caused by your rapid weight loss. You can make a big difference to your cholesterol levels, by losing just a few lbs.
  5. Exercising more frequently will lead to an increased metabolism and make you feel fitter.
  6. Stop smoking! The sooner you stop smoking, the sooner you’ll feel the benefits and once you’ve quit for 15 years, you’ll lower your chances of being affected by heart disease to almost the same percentage as life-long non smokers.
  7. Reducing your alcohol intake to drink within government recommended guidelines can greatly reduce your chances of heart problems. Drinking to excess has long been known to cause heart disease.

Whether you want to lose weight to improve your health, your appearance, or both, we can help. Our professional Brighton- based team can reduce your weight through diet alone and any exercise you then take will improve the results.

To find out how we’ve managed to help hundreds of customers in the Brighton area achieve significant weight loss, please give us a call. We can book you in for a free consultation with a member of our team, who will explain how our programme works and why it’s so successful.

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