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Achieve a slimmer figure in 2018 with our Sussex-based Alevere therapy.

Living fit a happy

Fad diets tend to appear in the papers at this time off year as everyone’s looking for an appealing and easy quick-fix weight loss programme to counteract the extra calories consumed over Christmas. However, the problem with following a diet out of a supplement magazine is that you don’t know the impact it’ll have on your health, whether or not it will actually work and, if it does work, whether or not the weight will stay off.

There will be nobody to monitor your progress but yourself and with no impartial supervisors, you may be tempted to either push yourself too far and make yourself ill, or not enough and experience no substantial benefits.

Why not outsource the management of your diet to our Sussex-based Alevere therapy team, who are not only experts at provoking long-lasting weight loss, but will also have your best interests at heart. We can help you achieve your weight loss goals and give your confidence a boost for the New Year.

What is Alevere Therapy?

Alevere therapy is a personalised treatment plan that takes into account your weight loss goals, as well as provides you with the nutrition needed to achieve them. It is a GP led programme which will look at your medical history in order to ensure you can lose weight in the safest, healthiest way.

The food you will be given for the duration of your treatment will fill you up and prevent food cravings, making losing weight easy and comfortable. We expect our clients to lose up to a stone and a half in a month. Once the weight has been lost, our professional team of practitioners will then help you maintain that weight loss.

Dealing with the side effects of fast weight loss

As we fully expect you to lose weight fast on the Alevere diet, you may experience unsightly loose skin. This we counteract through a body contouring treatment. The med contour device uses ultrasound energy to mash up fat cells, giving you tighter, firmer skin in loose areas. As well as having a slimmer figure, it’ll also be more flattering.

Are you curious to know how much you could lose on the Alevere diet, helped by our Sussex-based team? We can give you an idea of the time frame in which you can expect to gain a better figure. Please get in touch.

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