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Weight Loss Sussex

4 Ways to Get Ready For The Summer

Posted on

As the months roll by and summer gets closer, many of us reflect upon the New Year’s’ resolutions we made to lose ‘x’ amount of weight by a particular time. Life often gets in the way of reaching our fitness goals due to stress, work and personal commitments; and it can be daunting to think… Read More

Categories: Body Contouring Fat Removal Weight Loss

5 tips for Fat Removal

Posted on

Looking to get in better shape for the summer in Brighton? Not only will you look better if you shift a few excess pounds, but getting down to a more suitable weight for your height can also provide a lot of health benefits. Here at the Tempo Medical practice in Brighton itself, we help a… Read More

Categories: Fat Removal Weight Loss Brighton Weight Loss Hove

Treatments for acne scar removal

Posted on

If you have acne scars, you’ll no doubt feel self-conscious about them. It was bad enough having acne, but unless you were unlucky enough to have persistent acne throughout adulthood, you knew you would probably get rid of it once the hormones of puberty calmed down. What a shock then to many of us, who… Read More

Categories: Acne Scar Removal Acne Scarring Dermalux

Tempo Medical – 7 diet tips to reduce cholesterol

Posted on

Reduce cholesterol cells found in your body. If you have too much of it, you have a greater chance of being affected by heart disease. In fact, the higher the cholesterol levels in your bloodstream, the higher your chances of suffering from serious heart problems. Here at the Tempo Medical clinic in Brighton, we champion… Read More

Categories: Tempo Medical Brighton Tempo Medical Hove Weight Loss Brighton Weight Loss Hove
Body Skin Tightening | Tempo Medical Brighton Hove

Body Skin Tightening in Brighton

Posted on

With Body Skin Tightening there are plenty of horror stories in the media detailing the problems of excess skin. The Daily Express reported recently on a mum who had experienced dramatic weight loss and was forced to tuck her resulting excess skin into her wedding gown. The Daily Mail published an article recently that highlighted… Read More

Categories: Body Skin Tightening Brighton Body Skin Tightening Hove Tempo Medical Brighton Tempo Medical Hove
Top 5 Foods To Lose Weight | Tempo Medical Brighton

Top 5 Foods that help you lose weight

Posted on

95% of diets don’t work, this is a statistic you’ll read in just about every health magazine, but it doesn’t apply to the medically supervised and nutritionally controlled Alevere diet, that we offer our customers here at the Tempo Medical practice in Brighton to help our patients lose weight. Thanks to our experienced practitioners, 90%… Read More

Categories: Tempo Medical Brighton Tempo Medical Hove Weight Loss Brighton Weight Loss Hove

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