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How fast can you lose a stone on the Alevere diet?


Although Alevere therapy is a method of losing weight fast, it’s important to bear in mind the effects such potentially dramatic weight loss can have on your body. Here at the Tempo Medical clinic in Sussex, we put customer care first. You want to see results fast, but also safely, which is why the work of our team is overseen by a medical professional.

It’s no good inducing a slimmer figure, with all the health benefits that this change can bring, whilst ignoring the effects such a huge upheaval can have on the body. This is why the Alevere method is best undertaken in a supervised setting, with a GP, like our resident Tempo Medical GP, making regular checks on your progress.

How does the Alevere method work?

The sort of weight loss therapy we provide removes the stress of feeling hungry, having food cravings and having to make your own decisions about the food you eat. Your food will all be provided and is designed to keep you full and satisfied until your next meal time. If you stick faithfully to the food provided and even take a little exercise at the same time, you could lose over a stone in your first month on the diet.

While you’re following the diet, you will be in close contact with the Tempo Medical therapy team, who will be able to support you and answer any questions you may have during this time period.

A bespoke dieting experience, tailored to you

Our Sussex team consists of highly qualified and experienced practitioners, as well as a GP, who will be able to advise you on your best course of action. From your initial consultation with us, until after you have finished visiting us regularly, having become satisfied with your new, slimmer figure, we will continue to take any existing health problems or warning signs into consideration when we advise you.

Weight loss can be particularly beneficial to diabetes sufferers and those who are at risk of weight-related heart disease, but we also want to ensure that your health isn’t it risk during the dieting period.

To counteract excess skin which is a common side effect of fast weight loss, we will provide a lipomassage treatment which will firm your skin. Together with your firmer skin and reduced weight, you should lose a few inches around and enjoy a far more flattering figure following a month or two using Alevere methods. Our team will also offer advice on weight maintenance when your treatment is over, to ensure you keep the extra weight off.

If you’d like to find out what a difference the successful Alevere diet can make to your figure, why not give the Sussex-based Tempo Medical team a call? We’ll happily answer your questions and book you in for a consultation.

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