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Liposuction without surgery

Liposuction | Tempo Medical

When you think of liposuction you might think about incisions being made under a general anaesthetic, and contents of your body being removed via suction. However, non-invasive liposuction treatment at the Tempo Medical clinic in Sussex, in Hove, is nothing like this. There is no surgical knife, no scarring, no downtime and no pain; just great results.

The liposuction we perform is done using a handheld Med Contour device. This device emits ultrasound waves which breaks down fat cells leading to you losing up to 3 inches around. It is most effective when used in combination with our Alevere therapy; a GP controlled diet designed to encourage fast and significant weight loss.

The weight loss results that our team here in Sussex can achieve are often dramatic and can make a real difference to our customers lives. These results can be all the more important for people harbouring existing weight-related health conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure. On occasion, losing weight can be a matter of life and death.

We want to ensure your safety and good health throughout the treatment process. We do this by adopting a medical approach. Our practitioners are led by a GP who will give you regular checkups to assess your progress and eliminate health risks.

In addition to the liposuction we offer, which is a painless treatment that requires no time off work, we also offer a body toning treatment known as lipomassage. Again, this is performed using a handheld device in our comfortable treatment rooms, but this time involves a mechanical massage that leads to a firming and toning of the skin. This is particularly useful for customers who find they have excess skin following fast and significant weight loss.

We don’t just want you to leave our treatment centre having lost a few inches around. We want to help you achieve a far more attractive figure, all over, in just a few weeks. To have a look at our before and after photos as well as have the opportunity to ask any questions of us you may have regarding the treatment process, why not book yourself in for a consultation with one of our practitioners?

We can arrange an appointment for you to meet us at a mutually convenient time during which we can explain all the ins and outs of lipsuction, lipomassage and Alevere therapy. We look forward to helping you gain weight loss fast and face a healthier future with a more flattering figure. Please get in touch.

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