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How skin tightening at our Sussex practice can help you lose inches around

Skin Tightening Sussex | Tempo Medical

Do you wish you could tighten your skin a little to achieve a more flattering figure, or a more youthful facial appearance? If so, you’re not alone. There are three main causes of sagging skin on the body. They are rapid weight loss, pregnancy and the ageing process. Regardless of the cause, our lipomassage device should be able to remedy the situation.

Collagen helps keep your skin firm and elastic, snapping back into place instead of gathering redundantly in a particular area. When we’re young, our collagen levels are high, but production of it begins to decrease when we hit our mid 20s. When this happens skin does not snap back into place as effectively as it once did. Our lipomassage device will stimulate your body into increasing the levels of collagen you’re producing and in this way make your skin firm again.

After several skin tightening sessions using the Endermologie LPG device, your skin should be firmer and younger looking. The treatment isn’t painful but you will be asked to wear a bodystocking as that helps the rollers of the device turn more efficiently.

Facial skin tightening in Sussex

If you’re concerned about age-related sagging skin on your face, we have another treatment to counteract that. Chemical peels involve a peel solution being painted onto a targeted skin area and then, as the name suggests, approximately 6 days following treatment, it causes a surface layer of skin to peel away. Underneath the exfoliated skin layer, fresher, tighter, younger looking skin tissue will be revealed.

Following your skin peel, your collagen levels should increase. This occurs when your body’s natural repair system is kicked into gear. Cell regeneration will be increased and new skin tissue created to replace the old.

If you’d like to find out more about skin tightening treatment for your body or face, please get in touch with our practitioners here at our Sussex clinic. We’ll be able to talk to you through the procedures we offer with a view to providing you with a personalised service to suit your individual needs. Please get in touch.

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