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'Tempo Medical Sussex' Category Archives

Skin Tightening

How Skin Tightening Can Improve Your Confidence

Posted on

Many of us like to book a beauty treatment, haircut, or nail appointment before a special occasion or holiday to feel especially confident in their appearance. But if you’re feeling insecure about loose skin on your body, you may feel anxious at the thought of walking across the beach in a bikini. At Tempo Medical,… Read More

Categories: Body Skin Tightening Brighton Body Skin Tightening Hove Liposuction Tempo Medical Brighton Tempo Medical Hove Tempo Medical Sussex

How To Get Rid Of Loose Skin

Posted on

Nervous about breaking out your bikini this season? Don’t let your body woes spoil your summer holiday, Tempo Medical offer a range of treatment to target additional fat and loose skin across the body to make you feel your most confident. If you’re looking for a solution to loose skin and stubborn pockets of fat,… Read More

Categories: Fat Removal Liposuction Tempo Medical Brighton Tempo Medical Hove Tempo Medical Sussex Weight Loss Weight Loss Brighton Weight Loss Hove

How Body Contouring Can Help to Work Around The Effects of Weight Loss Plateau

Posted on

When you’ve been on your weight loss journey for a long period time, eating well, exercising regularly and changing your lifestyle for the better; it can be frustrating when you stop seeing results. Despite no drastic change to your diet or fitness regime, you can notice that you have been making no visible progression for… Read More

Categories: Body Contouring Hove Body Contouring Sussex Tempo Medical Hove Tempo Medical Sussex

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