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Body Skin Tightening in Brighton

Body Skin Tightening | Tempo Medical Brighton Hove

With Body Skin Tightening there are plenty of horror stories in the media detailing the problems of excess skin. The Daily Express reported recently on a mum who had experienced dramatic weight loss and was forced to tuck her resulting excess skin into her wedding gown.

The Daily Mail published an article recently that highlighted the increase in men and women who were too embarrassed to let their partners see them naked without the lights off, due to the extra skin folds and unsightly bulges they had accumulated.

As for the health problems associated with extreme cases of skin laxity; fungal and viral infections contracted between the folds of skin are commonly reported in the press. They occur because it’s difficult to keep the skin surface dry and clean here.

Are you struggling with sagging or excess skin in Brighton, Hove?

Are you fighting a lack of body confidence in Brighton, due to excess or sagging skin? Perhaps you wish you could regain the skin elasticity of your youth that you took for granted?

Firstly, we understand how difficult it is to tighten skin and reduce resistant pockets of fat using diet and exercise alone. If you have been trying and failing to regain control of unsightly areas, it’s not your fault. Sometimes, a bit of professional help is required to shift unhelpful toxins and rejuvenate the skin through artificially stimulated collagen production.

Here at Tempo Medical, we help new customers tighten their skin and regain a silhouette of which they can be proud, using safe, non-invasive means. Our Brighton-based body tightening treatment is pioneering. Prepare to be impressed!

The LPG treatment option we offer has been chosen because it’s extremely effective, produces terrific results and there’s no down time. You can return to your job, or your house, immediately following treatment, without having to build in an extensive recovery period, as you would with a surgical lift.

Body skin tightening treatment through Body Lipo Massage in Brighton, Hove

There have been over 100 scientific studies on the phenomenon of Body Lipo Massage techniques. The treatment is essentially a deep massage using motorised rollers to melt stubborn fat and improve lymphatic circulation. Fat deposits will be toned and smoothed and as the process also helps improve collagen levels, your skin will be naturally firmer.

There are many possible reasons for excess skin, excess fat, saddle bags, muffin tops, love handles or drooping facial skin, but our LPG machine by Endermologie can make a significant difference to all of them. The treatment isn’t painful. Our customers have reported a warming sensation, that isn’t unpleasant and you should notice a difference after just a couple of sessions.

To find out more about how you can achieve the equivalent of a surgical lift without resorting to surgery, why not give us a call? Our medically led team of extremely experienced practitioners will be able to give you more information and discuss your individual body complaints in more detail.

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