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5 tips for Fat Removal


Looking to get in better shape for the summer in Brighton? Not only will you look better if you shift a few excess pounds, but getting down to a more suitable weight for your height can also provide a lot of health benefits. Here at the Tempo Medical practice in Brighton itself, we help a lot of customers shift weight fast, so we understand how difficult it is. We know the pitfalls of traditional dieting as they have helped us develop a very effective weight loss treatment. Here are our top 5 tips for removing fat:

  1. You might have heard that it’s better to lose weight slowly because you’re less likely to put it all back on straight away. There has been a lot of research recently to suggest that fast dieting methods are just as good for your health. Even yo-yo dieting has been applauded by some researchers given its potential to restore the pancreas to health. Here at the Tempo Medical clinic, we champion fast weight loss. We use the Alevere method which should help you lose around a stone a month without feeling hungry or having food cravings. You will see significant results quickly and are less likely to feel disheartened with your lack of progress (because you’ll be seeing a lot of progress very quickly.)
  1. If you know that your lack of discipline is what’s preventing you from sticking to your diet, you’re not alone. So many of us are tempted by what we want to eat rather than sticking to what we should eat, that we’ll happily break a diet for a regretful moment of indulgence! Our weight loss methods are controlled by the doctor who leads our expert team. You will be advised on what to eat and when, as well as be given specially designed foods provided by us. You shouldn’t feel the need for sugary snacks. Most of our customers don’t. That’s why our system is so successful. Let us handle the discipline for you.
  1. Any exercise you can take whilst on the Alevere diet will speed up your weight loss even more and make you feel healthier.
  1. A side-effect of our fast weight loss program is excess skin, but we have no intention of removing one unsightly body problem only to replace it with another. In order to counteract the excess skin, we provide ultrasound therapy. This will increase your collagen and elastin levels, as well as help your skin snap back into place. We use the safe and effective Med Contour machine which sends ultrasound waves into the body to melt away fat cells. Many customers have reported losing up to 3 cm around after just one body contouring session.
  1. Your first step to moving unwanted excess fat involves you giving our Brighton practitioners a call to book a consultation with us. We have the potential to help you lose weight, gain a more flattering figure and enjoy the health benefits of a thinner, more mobile you. Please get in touch.

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