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Non Invasive Liposuction/Cavitation

What is Non Invasive Liposuction/Cavitation?

Body contouring is a treatment that deals with small amounts of fat build up and deal with cellulite reduction and body sculpting, rather than excessive weight distributed all over the body and help. It is combined with an Alevere diet to smooth and reduce stubborn pockets of fat that are not easily shifted through a reduced calorie intake.

The revolutionary Med contour machine is used in conjunction with Alevere therapy. It can also be used for standalone treatments. It is particularly effective for people who are not overweight, but wish to remove unsightly bulges, that can’t be easily moved through dieting or exercise.

  • Med Contour is used in conjunction with Alevere weight loss therapy to tighten any excess skin caused by shifting lbs quickly.
  • The ultrasound waves mash up and smooth out fat cells causing up to 3cm difference after just one session.
  • This treatment improves circulation and tightens skin.
  • Body contouring treatments are used to refine your figure, remove stubborn pockets of fat.
  • You can think of this treatment as liposuction without the surgery.

How does it work?

Fat cells are weak and fragile. The ultrasound mashes them up and stamps all over them. Other, stronger tissues, such as blood vessels, nerves and muscles are not affected. When using the ultrasound tool, the physician will follow the contour of the patient’s body. This treatment slims pockets of fat. It improves your blood and lymphatic circulation and gets rid of excess toxins.

Where can it be used?

It can be used all over the body but NOT on the face.

I’ve heard it can remove cellulite?

Yes! Ultrasound therapy firms and smoothes the skin to remove the cellulite.

How many sessions will I need?

If you’re having Alevere therapy, then the number of sessions you’ll need will depend on your individual weight loss plan. If you’re having standalone treatment, you can either book the session individually or as a package of 10.

What sort of results can I expect?

After just one session you can expect to see a difference of 2-3cm.

Who will treat me?

We are a team of expert therapists, led by a GP. To find out more about our treatments, please give our clinic a call.

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